Program Book

Attendees at the St. Louis HRC Dinner are passionate supporters of the local community. By purchasing a space in the digital program book, you can ensure our more than 400 attendees know your business is allied in the fight for LGBTQ+ equality without exception.

The digital program book is available to all dinner attendees, including HRC members, friends and families, as well as our local corporate sponsors and other allies to HRC’s work. By purchasing space in the program book, you not only get your business on their radar, but you also demonstrate your commitment to advancing equality for all, without exception.Spaces in the program book are customizable to fit your needs and range in price based on size and placement. Because the book is in a digital format, there can also be a direct link to your business’s website or social media to increase engagement and exposure. After completing the form above, a member of the St. Louis HRC Dinner committee will contact you with more information and help determine the placement that best fits your needs.