Table Captains

Become an ambassador for the dinner by serving as a Table Captains! Table Captains invite friends, family, and colleagues to join their table at the dinner.

Table Captains serve as ambassadors for the dinner and are the backbone to ensuring a successful, well-attended event each year. Table Captains commit to promoting the event to their network and recruiting others to join their table of 10—but you are welcome to invite as many people as you’d like to the dinner!

Our ambassadors not only ensure a well-attended event, but they also spread the message about the essential work done by HRC and promote the need to support this work through purchasing a ticket to the dinner. The needs of our community continue to grow, and HRC is committed to meeting the challenge—but it can’t be done without loyal supporters, including dinner attendees. Therefore, Table Captains are essential to the continued success of not only the dinner, but the organization as a whole!

Any individual, partner/couple, company, affinity group, or charity group can serve as a Table Captain. NOTE: Table Captains are NOT financially obligated to pre-purchase seats and there is NO penalty for not filling the table—just try your best!